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Enjoy Happy Hour At These Top Five Dining Establishments In LA

Enjoy Happy Hour At These Top Five Dining Establishments In LA

You’re surrounded by all of the lights, as some people describe LA, and if traveling, you might even right in the center of Hollywood. No matter your business in LA, local, tourist or just passing through on business, California welcomes you with these top 5 hot spots for Happy Hour in Los Angeles. It would be hard not to have a good start to your evening at one of these places, whether you’re there kicking off your weekend or just winding down after a long hard work day during the week.

Happy Hours are enjoyed all over LA, and you can imagine most of the posh restaurants would try to offer some enticing specials for people taking in the sunset on Sunset. Yeah, that sounds like one of those bucket list things now, doesn’t it? When put that way, it seems as though it’s the only place in the world where you can take in the sunset on Sunset. Naturally, you don’t have to be on the strip to enjoy Happy Hour in LA. Where are these bad top spots for the time that comes with significant discounts?

The great thing about Happy Hour is that it’s always longer than an hour. Establishments will do it differently, though, so it’s important to see when it starts and how long it lasts. Another perk is that the specials and discounts are usually on the food too and not just the drinks. When a bar serves good food, as many do in LA, then you’re talking an even better time. The only drawback about talking LA is you’re not talking about a city where things are cheap in the first place.

That’s why establishments like Bar Bouchon are frequently visited during Happy Hour. While you’re enjoying your favorite drink specials, you can order up some pork sliders, or maybe you fancy some truffle popcorn. This is a top-notch joint in Beverly Hills on Canon Drive, so it’s the whole package. Then you have top hot spots like Citizen and Cole’s. What’s interesting about Citizen is that it’s also located in Beverly Hills, yet it’s known for offering up Happy Hour discounts that are supposed to be the cheapest in the area.

There are two more to make up the top five Los Angeles restaurants that have Happy Hours. Would you think a pizza bakery would be on the list? Hey, it’s LA, so you never know. DeSano Pizza Bakery is the spot, and the 5th and final spot go to Gracias Madre, which is none other than Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. Enjoy dining at these fine establishments and taking advantage of the discounts and specials available during Happy Hour.